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Color FAQs

What is XMONDO Color?

XMONDO Color is closest to a semi permanent color, combined with a healing hair treatment. It is a deposit only color, free of harsh chemicals, ammonia, and peroxide. It will not lighten your existing color, only add pigment on top of the hair strand

Is XMONDO Color safe for pregnant women, kids, or other uses?

Although XMONDO Color is free of harsh chemicals, we do recommend consulting with a physician prior to use because everyone has different health histories, sensitivities and allergies. We also recommend doing a patch/strand test prior to full head ap

Should I pre-tone my hair before using XMONDO Color?

Our color is formulated so it can be applied directly to prelightened hair without needing a toner. We do not recommend pre-toning your hair as toner deposits color and coats the cuticle, which can lead to unpredictable or inconsistent results. If yo

Will XMONDO Color lighten your hair?

XMONDO Color will not lighten your hair. It is a deposit only color that does not contain bleach or any lightening agents.

Can XMONDO Color be used on wigs and hair extensions?

XMONDO Color is safe for use on all human hair wigs and extensions. Avoid attachment points to eliminate staining and loosening of the attachments.

If I want to add color to my natural hair, how much will color will show up?

XMONDO Color is a deposit only color. Please review our swatch guides to see the amount of color that will show up on your natural hair. In order to achieve a bright, vibrant color, your hair will need to be blonde or prelightened.

If I want vibrant color hair, do I need to bleach it first?

XMONDO Color is a deposit only color. In order to achieve the brightest, most vibrant color, your hair will need to be blonde or prelightened. The lighter your starting level is the brighter the color will be.

Will XMONDO Color cover my grey hair?

XMONDO Color will tint your grey hair. Because it is a semi permanent color, it may not completely cover your greys like a permanent color will do. Grey hair often tends to be resistant, which means it has a compact cuticle. Because semi permanent co

Can I use more than one color at once?

Of course! Feel free to be as creative as you want!

How do I maintain my color?

Semi permanent color fades with washing. We recommend trying to avoid over washing your hair. You also should use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner such as Polychrome Color Extending Shampoo and Conditioner. Avoid sun exposure and salt water

How do I transition to a new shade?

If you are looking to change your shade without using bleach, we recommend using a clarifying shampoo, such as Project X Detox Shampoo, to fade your color. Semi permanent color lives on the outside of your cuticle, therefore shampooing your hair is t

How do I fade my color?

We recommend using a clarifying shampoo such as Project X Detox Shampoo to fade your color. Semi permanent color lives on the outside of your cuticle, therefore shampooing your hair is the easiest way to help fade it.A clarifying shampoo will provide

Can I dilute my color?

It is not recommended to dilute the color with conditioner because our color is already so conditioning. This can lead to uneven results or not enough of the color pigment taking to your hair, which will make it fade faster.

Can I use it on black or dark hair?

Although our colors are super pigmented, it will not show up on black hair. On dark brown hair, the color could leave your hair with a tint that is only noticeable in sunlight but we can not guarantee vivid results.

Can I leave the color on my hair for longer?

XMONDO Color is a conditioning hair treatment that you can leave it on for as long as you would like without causing damage to your hair. If you are going to leave it on for longer than 20 minutes, we would recommend using a processing cap to keep th

Will XMONDO be coming out with more colors?

Of course! There will be an entire range of colors in the near future to satisfy all your hair coloring needs.

How long does the color last?

XMONDO Color is semi permanent and does fade with washing. Results will vary between people based on a number of factors such as:. Another big factor is the starting health of your hair prior to coloring with XMONDO. The more dry or damaged your hair

How much color do I need?

Typically one jar covers 1-2 applications on the average head of hair. If you have very thick or long hair, you may need more than one jar.