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What is auto replenishment?

XMONDO allows customers to get their favorite products delivered on a scheduled basis. It’s an easy service and can be updated anytime at your convenience. You will receive a discount on your Auto Replenishment orders. You can skip, cancel, and updat

How do I join auto replenishment?

To join, you must have an account on our website. You can create a new subscription via the product page by selecting it from the drop-down menu. You choose the frequency and then checkout when you are all set. You do not have to sign up for all the

What will happen after I join auto replenishment?

Once you join, you will get a confirmation email notifying you of your newly set up subscription. You will be charged each time your subscription order is set to process and ship. A reminder email will be sent to you 3 days before the order gets proc

What types of payment are accepted for auto replenishment?

Subscriptions are to be processed with a credit card or debit card payment. The default card on your account will be used as the automatic payment method each time the subscription gets processed.